Take a moment out of your busy day and ask yourself what is the next step, how do you take your bakery manufacturing business to the next level.  Does the next level mean more sales and or more profit? While you are surrounded by many things that you are doing well within your business, there are also some things that you need to improve upon.  Now ask yourself why, why can’t I get that one or even more than one of those top customers that would give you the improvement that your company might truly need or desire...

There are three basic reasons why your business’s growth is limited locally:

             1) The Size of your Company

             2) The Top National Companies that the Customers Trust

             3) A Relationship with that Customer

You need both an aggressive sales force with customer relationships and a broker network to build and maintain sales.  Yes, there are amazing brokers throughout the country, but most of the best brokers are taken up by larger companies.  That leaves you with the smaller brokers and who might not have enough resources that you need. 

Along with your products, “NBSF” will offer scrumptious Breads, Pastries, cookies, muffins, cakes, brownies, and cupcakes.  We have made product quality the cornerstone of all our efforts, because our customers are an extension of our family. We will serve the bakery community best by ensuring that we have true solutions to their product and program needs. Our expertise and experience will show in result in additional sales for your company.

National Bakery Sales Force